Sedan is situated on business US-166 and K-99 in the beautiful Chautauqua hills of south central Kansas. Many visitors will visualize this region as the Kansas Ozarks since bluestem grass and black jack oaks cover sandstone capped rolling hills. Annually, more than 50,000 tourists visit the area to enjoy the natural beauty of Sedan.

Other attractions to see while visiting are:
  •   Ackarman Hardware, 160 E Main - open since 1879
  •   Chautauqua County Historical Society - 115 W Main
  •  The Emmett Kelly Museum, 206 E Main – honors the famous clown Emmett Kelly (1898 - 1979) and his sad-faced character "Willie"
  •  The Hollow, 104 N Sherman - a beautiful creek-side park in downtown Sedan
  •  The Old St. Charles Schoolhouse – at The Hollow

In Sedan, homes are well-maintained and people take pride in their community. USD 286 faculty and staff are committed to excellence, as educational opportunities enable children to grow into productive citizens.

Sedan has a fascinating historical past, since it was a bitter county seat war that lead to the division of the former Howard County in 1875. As a result of the division, in 1876 Sedan became the county seat of the southern half of what was once Howard County. Legend claims that Sedan was named for Sedan, France, because of similarities in the terrain. Shortly after the town was founded, enterprising citizens constructed brick, sandstone, and limestone buildings that are still standing today.

With strong ties to history, the unique character of Sedan is evident to those who follow Sedan’s Yellow Brick Road. Whoever takes time to travel the Yellow Brick Road in downtown Sedan might find names of someone they know, or of someone famous like Whoopie Goldberg, Zsa Zsa Gabor, or Bob Hope. Consisting of more than 10,000 individual bricks, the Yellow Brick Road connects the retail downtown area.

As visitors explore Sedan they soon discover it feels like they have never left home at all. Helpful shopkeepers and area residents make people feel welcome with genuine hometown charm, a peaceful atmosphere, and friendly conversations. Be sure to experience Sedan soon because it has something for everyone!

City of Sedan
111 East Cherokee St.
Sedan, KS 67361
(620) 725-3193

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